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storewide 50% off and free shipping for today only

About Us


Here at Zentimeless, our team has many diverse backgrounds and find joy in many different things. We believe that life shouldn't be basic. We create custom designed products that stand for our beliefs, our passions, and our interests.



We are determined to bring the most unique products and designs to our customers. We don't have piles of inventory sitting around, we sell unique designs and make them after you buy. We have fulfillment centers across the country and world to ensure that we can deliver our great products to everyone.



Zentimeless has ensured that every design is built to protect as well as fit into your style. We believe that the universal allure of unique products and design deserves a pragmatic option, whereby stress-free prices and superior quality can be enjoy by all. Zentimeless brings you exquisite products you can have without breaking the bank.

We want to offer the best quality products because we respect you as customers and possible future friends.

Our mission is simple: to make a fun, functional and exceptionally well-crafted items that simplifies your life. 

Founder of Zentimeless